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Top 9 Mercedes Upgrades

Are you looking for cool Mercedes tuning and upgrade ideas? You have found the perfect article! This is a list of possible upgrades, mods, and accessories for Mercedes-Benz owners. Here is a list of 9 awesome DIY Mercedes upgrades. Note that we do not sell any of these parts. We can purchased for a customer upon request.

1. Door Projector Light

This light is installed at the bottom of the doors. When you open the door, a Mercedes-Benz logo will be projected on the ground. It uses the existing wiring that is on your door and can be replaced in just a few minutes. It is as easy as pulling out the old light and reconnecting the power cable to the new projector light. The light projected is white and blue and matches the MB logo.

2. Android DVD GPS Navigation Command Upgrade

The COMAND system on Mercedes-Benz are not the best entertainment systems that’re out there. You can upgrade the navigation with this 7-inch unit that runs Android OS. Therefore you can install any app that you find in the Google Play Store including the awesome Google Maps navigation. On top of that, this unit can play DVD and supports steering wheel control.

3. Mercedes Sport Steering Wheel – Walnut Wood

If the wood steering wheel is not a standard feature on Mercedes-Benz. It was an optional upgrade, and now and then you will see a few Mercedes-Benz cars with the wood steering wheel. That shouldn’t stop you from upgrading yours with even a better-looking wood steering wheel. Upgrading the steering wheel yourself is even cheaper than what a factory upgrade would be.

4. Rear Trunk Spoiler Upgrade

This is ABS plastic rear spoiler that can be added to the trunk. The nice thing is that it has the tape so you don’t have to drill holes into the trunk. You can paint it to match the color of your car. The paint code of your Mercedes-Benz is on the driver’s door frame. It’s a three digit code.

5. HID Upgrade – Headlight Low Beam

Not all Mercedes-Benz come with HID low beam. The headlights may look like they are HID but in most cases, they are not. It’s a shame that HID was not standard an all Mercedes-Benz models after 2000. That doesn’t mean that you can upgrade your system to HID bulb. Aftermarket replacement kits for Mercedes-Benz are more affordable than you would think. This is one of the highest rated kits. The nice thing about this HID kit for Mercedes-Benz is that it is error free, meaning that you should not get a “lamp defective” or “incorrect bulb type” warning on your instrument cluster.

6. Mercedes-Benz Grill Upgrade

The front grill makes a big statement, but unfortunately, the grills on many Mercedes-Benz models look lame. This is a very inexpensive upgrade that will make your Mercedes-Benz look like it’s ten years newer. You can find nice looking black or chrome grills for all Mercedes-Benz models including E-Class, C-Class, S-Class, ML-Class, GL-Class, CLK-Class, SLK-Class and even G-Glass.

7. Mercedes Exhaust Tip

Exhaust tips can be added to the end of the exhaust pipe to enhance the rear look of your Mercedes-Benz. You can find a stainless steel exhaust tip or a black exhaust tip for any Mercedes-Benz model. Several of the exhaust tips for Mercedes were on sale, so use the link provided to check the best prices on exhaust tips.

8. Projector Headlights Upgrade

If you have a ten-year-old Mercedes-Benz, this may be the best upgrade for your car. With age, the headlights on most cars start to get dull or foggy. Luckily there are several aftermarket headlight upgrades that can make your Mercedes-Benz look like it just came out of the factory. You can get Halo projector headlights, led headlights or even black headlights. The choice is yours

9. Mercedes-Benz Ignition Key Ring

Here is an upgrade that you didn’t think about: Ignition Key Ring. There are different designs. These decorative rings can be easily attached to the ignition keyhole. They can be installed in less than five minutes. If you check out these Mercedes Ignition Key Rings on Amazon, you will see several options including diamond and chrome ignition rings

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